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At Forward For Life we want to provide you with as much knowledge about suicide prevention as possible. We need you to know what strategies exist, what guidelines are floating about and what is being done to prevent suicides across our communities. 


We will endeavour to build on the documents and links that you can access to assist you in understanding the steps that are being undertaken to reduce suicide. We hope that in the long term, such information will go some way towards challenging the stigma and taboo around suicide and will enable communities to be suicide safer.


Forward For Life Publications

ElephantThe Biggest Elephant in The Room – An overview of the partnership work between Forward For Life and Common Unity to prevent suicide by supporting communities to be Suicide Safer (2013)



Building A Suicide Safer Community How we propose that communities and organisations can be Suicide Safer through a Combined Approach to Suicide Prevention (2013)


ASIST Briefing Paper

ASIST: An Overarching Briefing Paper on Suicide Prevention and the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Programme (2013)



Advice and Support Documents


Help is at Hand – An excellent NHS Resource for people bereaved by suicide and other sudden, traumatic death




How To Prepare and Respond To Suicide In Schools – A guide for teachers produced by Samaritans



National Guidelines, Papers & Recommendations

MHPComIndependent Report: Mental Health and Policing 2013 – Provides recommendations to ensure that the future of policing best engages with the communities they support in regards to both Mental Health and Suicide risk.


Closing the gap

Closing The Gap: Outlines the department of Healths priorities for change in mental health with a clear recognition of the challenge of suicide risk amongst people with mental health needs (2014)




Preventing Suicide in England – The Cross Government Outcomes Strategy to save lives (2012)




Police & Mental Health – How To Get It Right Locally – Document covering best practice approaches adopted by police locally to support people with mental health needs and suicidal behaviours (2013)


Research, Statistics & Evidence


The latest evidence for the ASIST Programme (2013)



Suicide_statistics_report_2013Suicide Statistics Report 2013 – This document produced by Samaritans provides the reader with a strong understanding around suicide statistics and how suicide is coded.


housingHandsThe Impact of Welfare Reform on Housing Employees: Research Findings (2013)  Outlines concerns of welfare reforms and the impact on the mental health of both tenants and tenancy support officers including increased suicidal behaviour. 


EconomicCase2011Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention: The Economic Case (2011) Highlights areas for investment that would have a marked positive impact on mental health, well-being and suicidal thoughts. 


Suicide_Prevention_Primary_CareSuicide in Primary Care in England: 2002-2011. National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by people with Mental Illness (NCISH). University of Manchester 2014  Study that outlines opportunities for suicide prevention in Primary Care with clear recommendations for action


Suicide_Thematic_children_young_people_walesThematic Review of Deaths of Children and Young People Through Probable Suicide, 2006-2012. Public Health Wales NHS Trust (March 2014). 




Men, Suicide and Society: Why Disadvantaged Men In Mid-Life Die By Suicide – A research Report. (2012) Samaritans.



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Forward For Life Social Enterprise operates with the central belief that although there are many challenges that exist across and within our communities, solutions to these challenges are also to be found across and within our communities. Forward For Life as a Social Enterprise works towards realising opportunities in which inequalities are reduced and opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life is an achievable expectation across all our communities.