Help is at hand – Support for those bereaved by suicide

Publication: Help is at hand. Support after someone may have died by suicide

When you first learn that someone has died in circumstances that may
be due to suicide, you can experience a range of emotions. You could be
feeling at a loss, and unsure about what you are thinking or doing.

People who have been bereaved by suicide have used their experiences to lead the revision of a support guide to help others affected by someone taking their own life.

Help is at Hand provides people affected by suicide with both emotional and practical support. Those bereaved by a suicide are at increased risk of mental health and emotional problems and may be at higher risk of suicide themselves, so receiving the right support is essential.

The guide is designed to be given out by bereavement support organisations and by those who are likely to be first on the scene after a suspected suicide.

Published 24 September 2015

Public Health England and The National Suicide Prevention Alliance

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