I had a Black Dog

Author: T Rigby Originally published 2015

Black dog

According to the World Health Organisation, depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages and from different backgrounds. Even though there is support for depression, less than half of those affected across the world receive these treatments.

The stigma attached to depression makes the whole issue of even greater gravitas when we know that through not engaging with the topic of mental health and mental health problems across our communities, many individuals suffer in silence with potential dire consequences.

I had a Black Dog is a short video by Matthew Johnstone, who wrote, illustrated and narrated it, and features a black dog which serves as a metaphor for the mental disorder.

The global economic downturn continues causing jobs losses and putting great pressure on people’s incomes and quality of life so it is more important than ever to challenge the stigma associated with mental health problems. depression and other mental health conditions have been rising, therefore it is now more important than ever to raise awareness and understanding and end stigma associated with mental disorders. 

The video is a simple but effective insight into depression and offers the viewer hope and tips on how to deal with it.

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