ManMade Dudley Returns

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Men can have it tough. When a man loses his job he can so easily lose so much more – his self esteem, his identity, his friends, his wider social links, his purpose as well as the material things in life that many of us take for granted. But sometimes, he can lose more – he can lose his life.


The ManMade Programme is coming back to Dudley in December. But this time it comes with a twist.


Again, wth an emphasis on hope, opportunity, resilience, confidence, wellbeing, interaction and inclusion, ManMade has been successful in gaining funding from Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Office of Public Health to run the programme once more, but this time it's the members who are driving this opportunity forward.


ManMade proved to be so succesful first time round at the beginning of 2015 that the men who took part in it wanted to give something back – that something being themselves. They have set up their own recognised member led group and sucessfully won a small grant from Dudleys Office of Public Health to make ManMade Dudley (2) a reality for other men in Dudley.


With ongoing support from Forward For Life, Common Unity and Grassroots Associates, this groundbreaking approach in engaging men who are struggling with life and all it throws at them will start again from the 11th December 2015.


If you are interested for yourself, or for someone else who may benefit from this programme then please print off our flyer HERE


If you want more information about ManMade or any of the work we do at Forward For Life then don't hesitate to GET IN TOUCH.


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