ManMade Family Independent Evaluation 2016

Author: Tessa Hovarth, Renaisi
Published 2016
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This report presents findings of an evaluation of The ManMade Family
programme. This was delivered in Sandwell in 2016. ManMade is an eight week programme designed to support and empower unemployed men to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. It was developed by Forward for Life and Common Unity in response to high levels of poor male mental health and suicide, associated with gender identity.

The MandMade Family programme successfully supported men to be able to talk more openly about their emotions, to build their confidence and self-esteem, to know where to go for help and to support others in the community.

The MM Family Approach

This programme takes a targeted approach with unemployed men aged 20-60. It looks to improve their resilience and coping skills, reduce health risk behaviours, improve their mental health and reduce risk factors for mental illness.

The approach is based on the New Economics Foundation’s Five Ways to
Well-being. The NEF suggest that mental health needs and vulnerabilities to suicidal ideation are best addressed via a holistic approach which includes internal resilience tools, self-care skills and knowledge of services.

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