ManMade: A brief overview

Author: Terry Rigby, Forward For Life Company Director
Published 2016

The ManMade programme successfully supports men to be able to talk more openly about their emotions, to build their confidence and self-esteem, to know where to go for help and to support others in the community. This is achieved through an eight-week workshop programme which includes peer discussion, information sharing and self-reflection on a range of health and wellbeing topics, underpinned by person centered facilitation approaches.

Unemployment and Suicide

Between 2000 and 2011, one in five of an estimated 233,000 annual suicides globally were linked to unemployment. An international study of the impact of recession and unemployment on suicide was published in 2015 concluding suicides associated with unemployment totaled about 45,000 annually, making up about 20% of all suicides. It is also important to note though that this study also showed that unemployment was a stronger factor for suicidal ideation than recession itself meaning that even in times of relative prosperity, the experience of unemployment has devastating effects on the individual experiencing job loss which may increase the risk of suicide through mechanisms such as an increased risk of depression, financial strain and reduced affordability of mental health care. This study also highlights how employment is not always a precursor to improved wellbeing and reduced likelihood of suicidal behaviour in highlighting that falling income, zero hour contracts, job insecurity and debt can often be associated with suicide.

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