ManMade Dudley



ManMade goes the extra mile to help men in Dudley realise their full potential. 



Commissioned by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Councils' Office of Public Health, ManMade is a forward thinking programme that supports men between the ages of 20 and 60 to realise their full potential – a tailored 8 week programme providing participants with the skills and knowledge to support their own health and well-being. 


Starting: 19th February 2015

Time: 9.30am – 12.30

Venue: The Brambles, 2 Priory Road, Dudley, DY1 1HH


Confidence Building and self-esteem // Wellbeing // Physical Health // Nutrition // Social Interaction // Suicide Prevention // Mental Health First Aid 


Forward For Life, in partnership with Common Unity and Associates are empowering men to have the strategies and coping skills to manage the challenges they may experience as a result of job loss including reduced financial income, loss of time structure, isolation, loss of purpose and changes in identity and relationship status.


Through a range of approaches, this project enables men to talk about some of the issues they may have faced since being out of work and address some of the obstacles affecting men being able to talk about how they feel and seek help for these challenges.


The programme seeks to provide men with the coping strategies to manage distress that they may be experiencing as well as looking at how men can promote their own mental health and well-being through improved resilience.



The Workshops:




The Associates helping us deliver ManMade:

bih logo1_Black copy At Bloom in Health, our philosophy is to help individuals develop positive lifetime habits that will enhance health and  wellbeing through exercise.



 Citizen-Coaching-CrestCitizen Coaching – We help people break the negative cycles in their lives using therapy led interventions as a catalyst  for empowerment and change



CWS_logo_CMYKCommunity Wellbeing Solutions – providing effective and relevant training, workshops, engagement sessions and  coaching ensuring people have the right tools to create and find the best support mechanisms to manage their lives.



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For more information on ManMade in Dudley or how we could help you deliver forward thinking programmes within your area, please get in touch, give us a call on 07585776800 or email us





Forward For Life Social Enterprise operates with the central belief that although there are many challenges that exist across and within our communities, solutions to these challenges are also to be found across and within our communities. Forward For Life as a Social Enterprise works towards realising opportunities in which inequalities are reduced and opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life is an achievable expectation across all our communities.