ManMade Family


In Association with Family Action, the developers of ManMade launched an eight week programme supporting men who engage with Family Action in respect of their overall health and well-being. This men-only peer support programme, based on the highly successful ManMade Dudley Programme which is still going strong, started at the end of January and covered the areas of Positive Behaviours, Mental Health Awareness, Self Esteem and Confidence building, identity, assisting life, physical health, loss as well as coping mechanisms.


The ManMade developers, Forward For Life and Common Unity alongside specialist Grassroots Associates worked with delegates to support them to realise possibilities in life through this life affirming, men only peer support group. The evaluation against the initial ManMade Programme in Dudley clearly demonstrated that this approach gave men a place where they felt able to open up about the world according to them in an environment where positive support and shared advice reigned supreme for the improvement of well-being across the whole group.


The effectiveness and impact of ManMade Family as a pilot programme, in partnership with Family Action was highlighted at ManMade | The Conference on June 13th 2016.


An independent evaluation for ManMade Family was also produced which can be found here.



If you want more information about ManMade Programmes and how we work with men to help them realise their potential, or our licensed and tailored suicide prevention training or any area you feel we may be able to help you with, then the please feel free to Get In Touch.

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