SCHEMA – An approach to suicide prevention

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SCHEMA is a suicide prevention course that supports professionals and community members in effectively helping people with suicidal thoughts.

Suicide doesn’t discriminate

Death by suicide is devastating and far reaching across our communities. It takes 3 times more lives per year in the UK than lives lost in accidents on all our roads. The most recent data tells us that over 5821 people died in the UK by suicide in one year. That means that every day, 16 people take their own lives in the UK.

But we can have an impact on this devastating act through learning skills to support a person with suicidal thoughts to consider life as an achievable plan.

This course in has been being designed and developed by experienced facilitators in the fields of suicide prevention, mental health and well-being.

Who is SCHEMA for and what you learn

The course is suitable for all walks of life because suicidal behaviour occurs across all our communities and is therefore everybody’s responsibility. Whatever your background, by attending SCHEMA you will be better prepared to – 

• Spot the signals of possible suicide ideation
• Ask the right questions
• Explore with empathy
• Assess level of risk and develop a life-plan
• Enable short-term support
• Consider appropriate signposting
• Learn the skills that can save lives and promote hope for the future

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