Our Suicide Prevention Training

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Suicide doesn’t discriminate. 

Suicide is a devastating act and takes more lives per year in the UK than lives lost in accidents on all our roads. But we can have an impact on this devastating act through learning skills to support a person with suicidal thoughts to consider life options.

At Forward For Life we offer both the one day SCHEMA Suicide Prevention Training  and the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Both of these programmes train frontline staff and the wider community in early intervention.

For more information about the hugely popular SCHEMA:An Approach to Suicide Prevention Training please CLICK HERE

For more information about our ASIST training please CLICK HERE

What our delegates have told us about our suicide prevention training:

“Will definitely recommend to others, friends and professionals. It helped me to think about suicide in a structured way to help with immediate and long term support.”

“This was a really useful course both for professionals and people who know someone with a mental health issue. Infact, it’s useful for anyone who knows anyone who might need support”

“It was a great day and I feel much more confident now talking to people both as a professional and a friend.”

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