Suicide Prevention Training Raises Money For Local Charity

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Suicides devastate communities and supporting those bereaved by suicide is a mammoth task in its own right. 



With over 6000 people each year taking their own lives across communities in the UK, the impact on families, friends and wider communities is unfathomable because its a fact that for each and every suicide that occurs, at least 16 other people are directly effected by the loss. Because of the nature of suicide and the difficulty for those bereaved by suicide to  cope, organisations such as Cruse Bereavement Care Birmingham provide an invaluable level of support both individually and at a group level.



It is because of their unrelenting hard work and dedication to supporting people bereaved by suicide that all the delegate costs received for this ASIST course delivered on the 14th and 15th October was donated to Cruse Bereavement Birmingham.



If you have been recently bereaved by suicide, or know of someone who has please send them a link to the HELP IS AT HAND document. It is completely free guide that helps those bereaved by suicide understand what they are going through both emotionally and practically.



With an overall goal of supporting communities to be Suicide Safer, Forward For Life adopts a number of approaches to reduce inequalities and promote opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life – We believe this is both an achievable expectation across all our communities and the right of each and every individual within.


All work undertaken by Forward For Life looks to achieve both indirect and direct benefits for our communities, and with this in mind, we ensure that our partners, our associates and others' working alongside us have the same core belief. 


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Forward For Life Social Enterprise operates with the central belief that although there are many challenges that exist across and within our communities, solutions to these challenges are also to be found across and within our communities. Forward For Life as a Social Enterprise works towards realising opportunities in which inequalities are reduced and opportunities for enhanced well-being and improved quality of life is an achievable expectation across all our communities.