The new 5 Ways in Birmingham


In 2008, a clever bunch of folk in the big smoke called the New Economics Foundation worked out what’s good for our well-being – they called it 5 Ways to Well-Being.  

Those in the health sector were told to implement the 5 ways to well-being across the UK…unfortunately, no one ever said this is how you do it.  But luckily for us another bunch of clever folk in Birmingham have found one way to do it that’s not just another leaflet. Welcome to Birminghams’ 5 Ways To Well Being App hosted by one of Forward For Lifes’ well respected partners Common Unity. 

The 5 ways app gives a basic list of activity you can do to aid in your health and wellbeing, from reading a book, going for a walk or saying hello to a friend, the app has a design as a base point for individual to start incorporating his own goals towards the five ways to wellbeing.

So give the link a click and enjoy



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